Development of industrial mineral deposits differ from mainstream metals deposits as the mineral products are not sold in commodity pits, but rather directly to the company that consumes the mineral product in its production process. While mineral marketing required additional efforts, I-Minerals has a talented management team to meet all of these challenges.

President and CEO John Theobald has a unique combination of industrial minerals experience gained through almost 10 years of senior management experience with one of the largest global industrial minerals companies as well as capital markets experience as CEO of a successful London based royalty fund. John is supported project development team that includes Manager of Metallurgical Operations Gary Nelson who brings many years of engineering experience in the production of industrial minerals; Project Manager Lamar Long, who has spent his entire geological career advancing industrial minerals projects; and Linda Koep, Market Development Manager who oversees the marketing of all of the minerals to be produced. The board of directors includes J. Gary Childress who has extensive senior management experience with successful industrial minerals companies.

This experienced team has worked with leading engineering firms including GBM Engineers, LLC; HDR, Inc.; SRK Consulting (USA) Inc., Tetra Tech, Mine Development Associates and mineral product marketing firms including Charles Rivers & Associates, DURTEC GmbH and First Test Minerals to advance the Bovill Kaolin Deposit through Feasibility and towards becoming a leading producer of high purity quartz (TrueQ TM), potassium feldspar (Fortispar TM) , halloysite (HalloPure TM)and metakaolin (Bovill Metakaolin)